The Guide for Episode 2

The Guide.

Episode 2 begins when Monica suddenly loses all wealth and power.
She has no money and no papers.
Moreover, for any violation of the law, she will be taken to the police, where Marcus is waiting for her to be sent to the Ranch 218.
Monica had no place to sleep until she met the former driver Fred, who arranged for her to work as a governess in her former home… for free.
The story begins the day after Monica went to bed in Episode 1.


Bardie storyline:

Clean the house every day and interact with Bardie every time until Bardie’s level reaches 2.

Further Bardie’s progress will grow after completing the charity evening. Continue to clean the house and Interact with Bardie until Bardie comes to Monica’s bedroom.

Sleep and go to the police station to meet Bardie.

After the next cleaning, Bardie will talk to Monica again in the bedroom.

Continue interact with Bardie during cleanings until Bardie’s level up.

After the next cleaning, Bardie will make Monica wear Betty’s panties.

Bardie wants Monica to wear those panties that Betty wore the last day.

Monica can see what kind of panties Betty wears when she comes to her former bedroom in the evening.

Betty is storing her panties in the laundry room, in the lower right drawer.

Monica must fulfill Bardie’s order until his level rises.

– v 0.4 —

After 4 Bardie visits to fitness(Betty’s story), he will get an ability to check panties on Betty.

Now Bardie can check Betty and Monica.

Bardie can check Monica if she is not wearing no-panties governess uniform. She can be punished by Bardie if she wears panties for two times.

– v 0.6 —

After reaching of 5th level by Bardie and 5th by Betty, Monica can visit Bardie in the evening. She wants Bardie to ask Betty to feed her in the kitchen.

After a conversation with Bardie if Monica agrees to all his conditions she will get an opportunity to visit Bardie again.

After several evening conversations with Bardie, Monica will get an ability to eat on the kitchen in the morning, but only with a special condition 🙂

Betty can stop feeding Monica. In that case, Monica can complain Bardie and Betty will get a punishment.

–end v 0.6–

Betty storyline:

Clean the house every day.

If Monica does the cleaning three days in a row, the relationship with Betty will grow.

One day, Betty will pay Monica’s attention to the spot on the carpet. If Monica agrees to rub the spot right

now, she will be late to Dick, and Victoria will punish her.

Continue until Betty level reaches 3. (after the charity evening event)

Betty will offer to carry her bag with clothes to the fitness.

Monica can go to the fitness with Betty (increasing relationships with Betty), chat with her friends and

look while they do training (increasing corruption).

Fitness is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If Monica refuses to go, then she can leave the house in the governess uniform or eat in the kitchen while Betty is not here.

From this stage, there is no penalty if Monica skips daily cleaning.

— v 0.3 —

After visiting fitness with Betty for three times, Fred will come to Monica while she is waiting in the locker room. How tough Monica will answer depend on her decency.

On the next morning, there will be a scene with Fred and Betty in the bedroom. It depends on Betty behavior with Fred in the past.

From this point on, Monica will talk with Fred differently, but Fred will also change his behavior (while cleaning the spot)

— v 0.4 —

Visit fitness regularly and one day Betty will tell Monica about Saturday guests. She will also remind her about it on Friday. To catch these small events just go around the house.

Mysterious guest is Steve. See more details about Steve’s storyline below.

The next day (Sunday) Monica will have a conversation with Bardie. Bardie will ask her help. He needs to know Betty’s “true personality”. Monica can agree (if she will not agree she could change her mind, she will need to talk with Bardie in his room).

If Monica will agree to help Bardie, she will get an ability to warn Bardie before going to fitness with Betty. She will have to warn Bardie 4 times: 4 different scenes with Bardie+Betty on fitness. After each fitness scene, Monica will have to talk with Bardie about the things he saw.

After 4 Bardie visits to fitness Betty calls Monica and tells her that she knows about the panties and Monica can ask her to show what she wears today. She can ask Betty about panties near mirrors and in the bedroom. Also, Monica can look at how Bardie checking it too.  Also, after that, Monica becomes shaved.

When Bardie and Betty became level 5, the next morning, Betty catches Monica again (day, maid clothes) and says that she shouldn’t now wear panties in the house.

After reaching Betty level 6, new arts of checking Betty are opened.

–end v 0.4–

Steve storyline:

–v 0.4–

After Melanie’s disappearance, Steve will visit Betty and Ralph on Saturday and the day before Betty will tell Monica about his visit. At that day you can get all the scenes during going around the house. After the Steve+Betty scene, you need to go to sleep.

Steve can visit the house again. To start this new event you need to talk with Ralph and Steve will visit the house again on Saturday.

After 2nd Steve’s arrival, you need to go to the first floor, then to the living room, then go to the kitchen. Then look around on the first floor and somewhere else. Perform orders. After making some orders you will need to rest.

In the evening you will get a scene with Steve near the pool. Steve will tell lies to Monica about the certificate… 

Recommend to start 2nd Steve’s visit(conversation with Ralph) when Monica is not wearing panties and Bardie and Betty are 5th level or higher 😉

–v 0.5–

Monica wants to be sure if Steve makes a money transfer to Victoria.

First of all, go to Victoria and talk to her about it.

Steve didn’t transfer the money and Monica wants to kick Steve’s ass… But she needs a proper dress to visit Steve.

She can get the dress in the Clothing Store (see Clothing Store storyline).

After getting the dress she will be able to visit Steve’s office.

Monica will have to visit the office for several days when she will finally see Steve.

Steve’s behavior can be different. It depends on the Deal in Betty’s house. Then Monica will have an option to “make deals” with Steve. It is another way of earning money for Victoria.

Make deal action is available once a week and there are 6 different scenes in total.

–v 0.6–

Seventh contract with Steve: Betty will visit Steve during closing the contract.

First contract with Jane. After closing this contract Monica will get a dinner certificate in the restaurant in the Le Grand hotel.

Monica can visit the restaurant in the hotel without the certificate. If she was kind to the waitress, she will get a 50% discount.

–the end of v 0.6–

Clothing Store storyline:

— v 0.5 —

Monica needs a dress.

She can just buy it and even get a discount if she was polite with the seller earlier.

She can try to steal it. If she will not succeed, Vivian (the shop seller) suggest her to work as a mannequin. Monica will need to sell a dress she returned in Ep 1. As a reward, Vivian will give Monica the dress she wanted to steal.

If Monica agrees to work as a mannequin she will need to visit the shop for several days. The workday starts in the morning. To start the day Monica needs to talk with Vivian. 10 different customers may visit the shop and 3 different scenes available for each one. And only one of them will buy a dress.

–the end of v 0.5–

Office storyline:

Visit Monica’s office in the evening. Meet Biff. (Before Monica came to Biff for the first time, progress will not go, and Monica can live in the city as much as she wants. For increasing corruption points, for example)

Talk with Biff.

Return and talk with Biff again in another day.

After starting the quest to earn $ 5000 to Dick until Friday, there is only one way to earn: making the photoshoot offered by Biff.

Monica can find Biff in the office at the last moment on Friday evening.

After the photoshoot, Monica will go to the charity event.

Say a speech on stage and talk to Biff.

Monica can offend hotel staff guy. It’ll affect the scene in the restroom.

Meet Philip.

Talk again with Biff and make the decision what to do next.

Agree with Philip or persuade Biff.

After the charity event go to Dick and return home.

— v0.2 —

Biff will be absent until there is progress with Dick and Victoria.

After meeting with Biff, Monica can take photoshoots in different outfits.

The more angles of photoshoots are open, the higher the progress with Alex who takes the shoots.

If Monica forced models to undress during casting (Episode 1), Biff would also like to participate Monica in this.
If Monica has enough corruption and wishes to boost relationships with Biff, she can go to the castings after the photoshoots.

Also, if Monica promised Biff to be a good chick, then she would have to keep her promise. Otherwise, she would not see the money.

Keep making photoshoots and make money until Biff’s level rises.

After some time, Monica will find out that her secretary began to behave differently.

— v 0.3 —

There were new opportunities during the casting at Biff after photoshoots.
Photo session must be fully completed (all shots are completed)

After Monica decides to ask Melanie for help (Dick and Victoria storyline), Monica finds Melanie in a photo studio in the afternoon.
Next, it needs to open all the photoshoots until the photoshoot of Monica with Melanie.

After the photo session of Monica with Melanie go to the makeup room (the entrance appears in the photo studio).

Talk to Melanie.

The next day, Melanie will go to Dick

Come back to Melanie and talk again. (Melanie is in the makeup room by day!)

If Monica has a good relationship with Melanie and is decent, then Melanie will agree to help Monica for nothing. In another case, Monica will have to pass the casting with Melanie.

After casting, talk to Melanie in the makeup room.

Melanie agrees to help Monica with Marcus.

After that, Melanie will mysteriously disappear (she will appear in the next versions again).

— v0.4 —

Before Steve comes to visit Betty and Ralph a second time, Biff says there is no work next week.

— v0.6 —

After Melanie disappearance 2 new photoshoots will be available.

In a week after finishing the photoshoots Monica can ask Biff about another work and he will suggest her to work in the office. (Monica must come in “nice dress”)

He will also tell Monica that Melanie is back. In this update, you can only talk to her.

If Monica didn’t ask models to get nude during casting (EP1) and Biff castings were not available, they will be available after start working in the office.

Monica visits the office. It’s empty in the evening and she backs the next morning.

She has a conversation with employees and meets Julia.

Office employees visit Monica every day and ask her different things.

Monica can treat Julia bad or she can be good with her.

Monia must work 1 time a week minimum, otherwise, Biff stops giving Monica photoshoots.

To finish the last photoshoot Alex level must be 2.

— v0.7 —

Biff will ask Monica to collect reports of all the employees. She will get a flashcard.
Monica can ask Julia to do it, or she can do it by herself.
After collecting the reports, Monica has to give the reports to her secretary and talk to Biff.

If Monica doesn’t collect the reports by herself, Biff will be upset (consequences will happen in one of the next versions).

If Monica won’t work well, and treat Julia bad, Fred will visit the office. It will start Julia’s storyline (5 small events).

A new photoshoot.
At the first time, Monica will reject the photoshoot, but Melanie will convince her to do it: Talk to Melanie several times.
Then, Melanie invites Monica to her apartment.

The next day Monica should visit Melanie.

After that, Melanie will receive a call from Victoria.
Melanie can visit her in Dick’s office (the scene is available for everybody, but extra content exists).

After visiting Melanie, Monica can go to Marcus. (optional)

— the end of v0.7 —

Dick and Victoria storyline:

Visit Biff in the office storyline.

The next day, Fred will call Monica and say Dick is waiting for her.

Visit Dick and talk to him and Victoria.

Now Monica must earn $ 5000 until Friday. Go to Biff for making this amount.

— v0.2 —

Go to Dick immediately and talk to Victoria.

If Monica was rubbed the spot, Victoria would punish her by forcing to take a photo.

Visit Dick the next day. Talk to Dick. Try to go to the street and return to Dick. Then talk to Victoria. From now, Monica must earn $ 5000 for Victoria every week until Friday.

Monica can fail weekly earning, and she will be punished for it by Victoria.

— v 0.3 —

After Victoria makes Monica bring money, Monica decides to ask Melanie for help.

— the end of v0.3 —

Falling Path:

If Monica wants to eat and don’t have money, then she will be offered to deliver flyers to people.
Monica must deliver all the flyers to earn full kebab. If Monica can’t do it, she will receive only half of kebab and upset about this.

Deliver the flyers until the charity evening event in the Office storyline.

After the charity evening quest will be completed and Monica will have to make money for Victoria shopping, Monica will be offended by the yellow guy on the street and rescued from it.
Monica will wish to say thank you to her rescuer, but the savior will want something more interesting from Monica.

If Monica agreed, then she must find a quiet place to do she was asked.
The place is a blind alley with a pole between the hostel and the dirty street.

Return to the rescuer and talk to him.

From now the falling path started, and Monica can earn money and corruption by showing something to the people (starting of prostitution).
For now, only in the clothes. Monica is not ready for more yet.

— v 0.3 —

If Monica meets the customer, not the first time, she can agree to dance at the pole (in the clothes). In front of different people, Monica dances in different poses.

After the start of the “falling path”, Monica will find the “Shiny Hole” pub next to the hostel. There, Monica can get a decent job as a dishwasher.

If you click on Joe or Ashley while washing the dishes, then the selected character will molest Monica.

In the pub, Monica can choose a different name for herself (she doesn’t want to be recognized).

There is a striptease in the evenings. Currently, two girls working alternately.

— v 0.4 —

One of the “customers” on the Poor Street will ask Monica to flash her boobs for 50$. (screenshot link)

Monica can agree (100 corruption required and 20 customers need to be served to get the scene).

Further, the citizen will agree to see Monica’s boobs, not every time.

Read the dialogs attentively.

— v 0.6 —

Monica tries to earn 50$ again by showing her boobs to the same customer.

But the customer refuses or gives her 1$. If he refuses Monica will get an ability to show boobs to other clients.

Each client has 3 scenes and 2 of them are repeatable.

— v 0.7 —

Monica can dance topless in slums (3 variants with each client).

After starting the office work, Monica can go to slums for earning extra 50$ with the help of her secretary.
Monica can ask her secretary to show boobs, and citizen can also touch them. To start the quest, Monica needs to talk with the secretary in the office. (Extra version.)

Monica can start a waitress career in the Shiny Hole.
It’s better to work in the evening (more visitors).

After finishing her shift, she needs to give all the tips she earn to Ashley. If Monica doesn’t give the tips, Ashley will prohibit her from working.

She can come back to work. She just needs to give Ashley 500$ or “Ask to apologize” from Ashley or Joe (7 scenes total).

— the end of v0.7 —


Monica can take a nap in the afternoon or sleep in the evening by clicking the bed in the basement.

— v 0.3 —

When Monica is on the street, she can skip the day until evening (by clicking on the “Day” icon at the top of the screen)


Monica can use a shower and other things at the basement pool while Betty doesn’t see it 🙂


  • Steal food from the oil station.
  • Deliver flyers for a kebab.
  • Buy kebab for $ 1
  • Borrow money for kebab from Monica’s secretary.
  • Earn money by serving customers on the streets (falling path)
  • Eat at the kitchen in the house when Betty is not at home (fitness).

— v 0.3 —

  • Monica can buy food at the gas station (if it’s opened this day). She can eat the food in her bedroom. The food is on the table. There is food that Monica likes more, but it’s more expensive.
  • Washing the dishes in the pub.

— v 0.6 —

  • If Monica washes the dishes in the Shiny Hole pub, she can also buy food there.
  • Monica can eat in the restaurant in the Le Grand hotel. She can pay with Steve’s certificate or with money.


— v 0.3 —

  • Added the ability to change clothes when leaving the location of the house on the map.

— v 0.4 —

  • No-panties maid uniform.

— v 0.5 —

  • Nice dress.

— v 0.6 —

  • First office outfit (dressed automatically when Monica visits office).

Corruption increasing (regular, not including quests):

  • House cleaning.
  • Stealing food from the oil station.
  • Delivering flyers and interact with citizens (small quests).
  • Watching porn on the Bardie’s notebook.
  • Visiting the fitness.
  • Wearing Betty’s panties.
  • Prostitution