The Guide for Episode 2

The Guide.

Episode 2 begins when Monica suddenly loses all wealth and power.
She has no money and no papers.
Moreover, for any violation of the law, she will be taken to the police, where Marcus is waiting for her to be sent to the Ranch 218.
Monica had no place to sleep until she met the former driver Fred, who arranged for her to work as a governess in her former home… for free.
The story begins the day after Monica went to bed in Episode 1.


Bardie storyline:

Clean the house every day and interact with Bardie every time until Bardie’s level reaches 2.

Further Bardie’s progress will grow after completing the charity evening. Continue to clean the house and Interact with Bardie until Bardie comes to Monica’s bedroom.

Sleep and go to the police station to meet Bardie.

After the next cleaning, Bardie will talk to Monica again in the bedroom.

Continue interact with Bardie during cleanings until Bardie’s level up.

After the next cleaning, Bardie will make Monica wear Betty’s panties.

Bardi wants Monica to wear those panties that Betty wore last day.

Monica can see what kind of panties Betty wears when she comes to her former bedroom in the evening.

Betty is storing her panties in the laundry room, in the lower right drawer.

Monica must fulfill Bardie’s order until his level rises.

— the end of v0.2 —


Betty storyline:

Clean the house every day.

If Monica does the cleaning three days in a row, the relationship with Betty will grow.

One day, Betty will pay Monica’s attention to the spot on the carpet. If Monica agrees to rub the spot right

now, she will be late to Dick, and Victoria will punish her.

Continue until Betty level reaches 3. (after the charity evening event)

Betty will offer to carry her bag with clothes to the fitness.

Monica can go to the fitness with Betty (increasing relationships with Betty), chat with her friends and

look while they do training (increasing corruption).

Fitness is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If Monica refuses to go, then she can leave the house in the governess uniform or eat in the kitchen while Betty is not here.

From this stage, there is no penalty if Monica skips daily cleaning.

— the end of v0.2 —


Office storyline:

Visit Monica’s office in the evening. Meet Biff. (Before Monica came to Biff for the first time, progress will not go, and Monica can live in the city as much as she wants. For increasing corruption points, for example)

Talk with Biff.

Return and talk with Biff again in another day.

After starting the quest to earn $ 5000 to Dick until Friday, there is only one way to earn: making the photo shoot offered by Biff.

Monica can find Biff in the office in the last moment on Friday evening.

After the photoshoot, Monica will go to the charity event.

Say a speech on stage and talk to Biff.

Monica can offend hotel staff guy. It’ll affect the scene in the restroom.

Meet Philip.

Talk again with Biff and make the decision what to do next.

Agree with Philip or persuade Biff.

After the charity event go to Dick and return home.

— v0.2 —

Biff will be absent until there is progress with Dick and Victoria.

After meeting with Biff, Monica can take photoshoots in different outfits.

The more angles of photo shoots are open, the higher the progress with Alex who takes the shoots.

If Monica forced models to undress during casting (Episode 1), Biff would also like to participate Monica in this.
If Monica has enough corruption and wishes to boost relationships with Biff, she can go to the castings after the photo shoots.

Also, if Monica promised Biff to be a good chick, then she would have to keep her promise. Otherwise, she would not see the money.

Keep making photo shoots and make money until Biff’s level rises.

After some time, Monica will find out that her secretary began to behave differently.

— the end of v0.2 —


Dick and Victoria storyline:

Visit Biff in the office storyline.

The next day, Fred will call Monica and say Dick is waiting for her.

Visit Dick and talk to him and Victoria.

Now Monica must earn $ 5000 until Friday. Go to Biff for making this amount.

— v0.2 —

Go to Dick immediately and talk to Victoria.

If Monica was rubbed the spot, Victoria would punish her by forcing to make a photo.

Visit Dick the next day. Talk to Dick. Try to go to the street and return to Dick. Then talk to Victoria. From now, Monica must earn $ 5000 for Victoria every week until Friday.

Monica can fail weekly earning, and she will be punished for it by Victoria.

— the end of v0.2 —


Falling Path:

If Monica wants to eat and don’t have money, then she will be offered to deliver flyers to people.
Monica must deliver all the flyers to earn full kebab. If Monica can’t do it, she will receive only half of kebab and upset about this.

Deliver the flyers until the charity evening event in the Office storyline.

After the charity evening quest will be completed and Monica will have to make money for Victoria shopping, Monica will be offended by the yellow guy on the street and rescued from it.
Monica will wish to say thank you to her rescuer, but the savior will want something more interesting from Monica.

If Monica agreed, then she must find a quiet place to do she was asked.
The place is a blind alley with a pole between the hostel and the dirty street.

Return to the rescuer and talk to him.

From now the falling path started, and Monica can earn money and corruption by showing something to the people (starting of prostitution).
For now, only in clothes. Monica is not ready for more yet.

— the end of v0.2 —



Monica can take a nap in the afternoon or sleep in the evening by clicking the bed in the basement



Monica can use a shower and other things at the basement pool while Betty don’t see it 🙂



  • Steal food from the oil station.
  • Deliver flyers for a kebab.
  • Buy kebab for $ 1
  • Borrow money for kebab from Monica’s secretary.
  • Earn money by serving customers on the streets (falling path)
  • Eat at the kitchen in the house when Betty is not at home (fitness).

Corruption increasing (regular, not including quests):

  • House cleaning.
  • Stealing food from the oil station.
  • Delivering flyers and interact with citizens (small quests).
  • Watching porn on the Bardie’s notebook.
  • Visiting the fitness.
  • Wearing Betty’s panties.
  • Prostitution