Fashion Business: EP2 v14 has been released!

Another regular update for your favorite game Fashion Business!

I and my team are doing our best to produce an update in time and make it a high-quality one! As always! 😉

This update is full of animations and hot scenes! It has 1192 new images and 77 hot animation clips!

What’s new:

  • VIP Escort Service: two new animated scenes. Monica gets her revenge!
  • Seducing Ralph: Ralph’s gradual seduction with five(!) animated scenes!
  • Melanie: a huge animated scene of Melanie’s date with Alex (on her friend’s Victoria advice ;))
  • Shiny Hole: a new hot scene with a private dance of all Shiny Hole girls at the same time! Claire visits Monica’s office.
  • Falling Path: along-awaited continuation of the slums plot. An animated scene with Perry. An animated scene with the punks in the slums (more in the Extra version). An additional scene with a painter (in the Extra version)
  • Relationship with Julia: two new scenes with Julia + extreme pissing scene with Julia in the Extra version.


  • Quick sleep: press the “evening” button in the top-left corner of the screen (working outside) 
  • Lowered rent price for the apartments 
  • Bug fixes

You can find the guide to the game here: 

Actual save files download: 

Game download links:[tag]=downloads

Enjoy the Game!

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