Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP2 v0.9 – has been released!


I’m happy to announce that a new version of the game liked by many has been released!

This is the best update it’s ever had! Check it out for yourself ASAP!

What’s new:

  • Continuation of Monica’s and Bardie’s story. You’ll get to know what Monica has to do to solve Eric’s college problems.
  • You’ll also get a chance to play as Melanie: move around the city and visit your apartment. There’s also a new big event with Monica, Melanie, and Victoria. And more amazing scenes, including an exclusive photoshoot, featuring Melanie.
  • Continuation of Julia’s quest. Monica will have to do her best to complete Fred’s request. Many new events with Julia, Monica, and office workers.
  • Monica can now earn more money, dancing in the pub. New events in Shiny Hole! You’ll get to meet strippers, Molly and Claire. New locations, a whirlpool of events, rewarding new dancing mechanic! 30 animated clips and 8 music tracks!
  • The beginning of Revenge Quest.
  • A cheat menu for the extra version (check the painting in Monica’s former bedroom), the addition of even more animated scenes, and an exclusive topless body oil scene in Shiny Hole.
  • Bug fixes and overall performance improvement.

The latest release contains more than 1250 new images, 73 new hot animations, and about 2000 new lines of dialogue.

Official game wiki launched!

Episode 2 Wiki Guide



Save Files 

Game F.A.Q.

Android Installation and save files transferring guide 


1080p FullHD Extra version – post with download links 

720p version – post with download links 

Enjoy the game!

Video spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public)

This is a SPOILER of the animations that are a part of the dancing gameplay.

This video shows only a small part of the available movements because of the main part of them with undressing πŸ˜‰ 

I’m glad to inform you that the development of this awesome update is coming to an end! Estimated release date December 5th or 6th!

Thank you for your support, thanks to which I can create more and more cool updates for the Game!

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public)

Playing for Melanie and photoshoot with her πŸ˜‰

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (1+ Patrons)

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Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public)

Yesterday was the patron’s day at Patreon, and I wish to express my gratitude to you.

I have so many things planned for the future. And with people like you, I’m sure I’ll keep improving and making even better games! 

So thank you!

You’re the reason I can keep doing what I’m doing. You are my main motivation and source of inspiration!

P.S. This screenshot is from the animation footage πŸ˜‰

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (1+ Patrons)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.9 (Public) and briefly about the work…


I want to share with you brief news about the current work.

– Save files for EP2 v0.7.  Saves are located in two folders720p and Extra version. Each folder contains save files from 1-1-LT1 to 5-1-LT1 (a game with a maximum level of a bitchmeter value) and save files from 6-1-LT1 to 10-3-LT1 (a game with a minimum level of a bitchmeter value). 

Folders with save files will be available for download at the links below.

Saves (EP2-v0.7-Extra)

Β direct LINK Β 

Saves (EP2-v0.7-720p) 

 direct LINK  

– Fashion Business Wiki, which is available at this link

Work on it has just begun. Currently, on Wiki, there are Guides for installing the game on Android and transferring the save folder on Android between game versions; walkthrough of episode 1st; a guide for 2nd episode; added icons of characters and locations

Now work is underway to post the walkthrough of 2nd episode in English and work on writing brief characteristics of the characters and description of locations where they can be found. In the future, I plan to post on Wiki all the necessary information on the game, including a bar, according to which you can see the latest information about work on the next episode of the game. 

Everyone can take a direct part in creating and improving the Fashion Business Wiki.

– Work on version 0.9 is already in progress. The dialogues are written, and my render station is already working 24/7 πŸ™‚

Fashion Business: Episodes EP2 v0.8 – HotFix1 + HotFix2!

The “first day fix” for the new game update!

Win and Mac users can update the game by the update codes provided in the download posts.

Also, download links for full distributives are updated too.

Android version was rebuilt and reuploaded too.

Bugfixes (HotFix1) :

  • The saved games crash. Most of the problems are must be solved now.
  • Monica’s name in the police scenes was fixed
  • Multiple notifications bug.
  • “Shiny Hole” actions menu was fixed.

Bugfixes  (HotFix2) :

  • Game performance improved
  • Bug with crashing during playing with the german translation 
  • Monica’s look in the basement bedroom. Shaving, improved sprites during nap, etc
  • week_day undefined crash error 
  • Reports collecting in the office counts as a working day 
  • asset_not_found after gaining housewife’s outfit before the red dress (needs to load savefile before the shop) 
  • other small bugfixes 

Work on the next update started already.

Stay up to date! πŸ˜‰