Fashion Business: EP4 Choices and Consequences (v7) has been released!

DecentMonkey is happy to present you with the next regular update for the “Fashion Business” epic!

This update is special because it introduces the first in the chain of the game’s possible endings, which will range in number from six to eight (or even more and that doesn’t include the endings from EP. 1).

The ending featured in this episode will come from the VIP Escort storyline. And it’s not just an ending, but a sequence of hot scenes!

Us introducing that endings also doesn’t mean that characters from the VIP escort will not appear in other storylines or that we’re cutting our cast. It’s one of the ways the story can end, but all of the characters from the hotel may also take part in other quests in the future.

This update includes around 1500 new images, tons of animations and is one of the most rich with spicy content!


What’s new:

  • Home: What will Julia’s appearance at the house bring, and what Fred, the neighbor and his friends have to do with it? How will Betty wriggle her way out of that situation? (long spicy scene, Extra content)
  • Shiny Hole: What emotions does Clair harbor? What hidden desires does she have? (spicy scene, Extra content)
  • Film Studio: What will make Monica return to the studio? What new experiences will she get there? (long spicy scene, Extra content)
  • Victoria: Victoria loves having a lot of friends and her circle only grows. All of her friends are happy to be there. Or are they? (long spicy scene)
  • VIP-escort: What will await Monica there? Is she ready to dedicate the rest of her life to a new career? (two long spicy scenes, Extra content, one of the game’s endings)


The new update will also bring you the ability to change the speed of interactions between characters during animations. Changing speed in such scenes will be accompanied by a corresponding change in sound effects. If most of the playerbase enjoys this new addition, I’ll consider improving all of the EP. 4’s animations in the same manner.

Big thanks to everyone who supports me and makes it possible for Monica’s adventures to continue.

The game’s story is slowly but surely coming to a close, but a lot more new adventures still await Monica thanks to all of you!

Enjoy the Game

Spoiler EP 4 v7

Spoiler EP 4 v7

Spoiler EP 4 v7

Spoiler EP 4 v7

Update scheduled for early next week!

Spoiler EP 4 v7

Fashion Business: EP4 Choices and Consequences (v6) has been released!

Good news, everyone! I am glad to finally present you with the next regular update of one of the most exciting games of the genre: “Fashion Business!

As always, I put all my effort and inspiration into this update.

It contains a lot of spicy scenes, which, I hope, you will find super exciting.

In total, the update contains almost 2000 new images and a ton of high quality animations.

What’s new:

Office: A big pool party public event scene. Will Monica decide to go swimming and what will happen next? (huge scene, photoshoot, animations, Extra content)

Victoria: How is Melanie doing after her secret engagement to Victoria? (Extra content)

Shiny Hole: The banker demands a new stage show. How will Monica deal with it this time and what role do Tiffany and Jane have in it? (animations, Extra content)

Falling Path: Will Monica be able to pay off her old debts at the hostel? And what does this have to do with Misty? (long animated scene, Extra content)

Phillip: Day 5. Hospitality Day. (long animated scene, Extra content)

Game update:

Please note that the game has moved to Ren’Py 8 (python3). The players who run the game from the Launcher will need to update it.

Thanks to the engine update, the ability to update the game using an update code (Windows, Android) is back.

The ability to update on Mac is still wip.

You will need to download this update in its entirety, but any further updates will be possible directly from the game.

Android version:

The Android version of the game can now download content from the server, which means it’s now possible to get the game without asset compression, in high quality. In the future, previous episodes of the Android version are also planned to be transferred to this system.

This would make it possible to update the Android version without having to deal with save game transferring.

I hope you will enjoy this update. I try to do my best to make sure that you guys get maximum enjoyment while playing.

Big thanks to everyone who supports me and Monica. Your contributions is what makes her adventures possible!


Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP 4 v6

Spoiler EP 4 v6

Spoiler EP 4 v6