Work in progress #7

To brighten up the waiting for a new version, I make a post with some good picture 🙂

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Work in progress #6


I want to report that I’m here and everything is fine. I keep working on the game all the time. And the work is progressing well 🙂

I think that the next version will be released as I promised, at the end of the month, or at the very beginning of the next.

Stay up to date! 🙂

Work in progress #5

As I see, most liked the changes in the Game and liked the Game itself.

I can say I started to develop the V0.2.

This week the work will go a bit slower, because I have to close the other cases in parrallel. But from the next week i will start to work on the Game fulltime again.

I wish to release V0.2 in this month, at most in the first dates of the next.

I hope that you will be with me and that you will like the new versions!

P.S. Also I want to inform you that I started the rework of the EP1 not because I ran out of ideas and inspiration. I have a lot if this. My story already written up to about EP3 🙂

And i wish to reach the end of the old EP1 as soon as possible.

Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP1 v0.1 has been released!

Stitched Panorama


You can download it on the Downloads page

Work in progress #4


Work is coming to the end and i can say about release date. It’ll be 4 June. It’s the final date.

The game will be in 720p and 1080p resolutions.

Also Demo version will be released for non-Patrons.

So everyone can appreciate the game.

There are good news for German-speaking players. The game will also be available in German. Thanks to one of our Patrons for this hard work!

Stay up to date!

P.S. There is a city map on the picture. From the beginning of the game.

Work in progress #3


I’m working hard and almost complete the first version of the reworked game!

The development will take a few more days. I will try to make it this month, as I promised. But there is a chance that I may not be in time. In this case the game will be released on June 1-2-3.

I can say that the game has become much better. The new gameplay is fit on the game very well.

I hope and I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.

Stay up to date!

Work in progress #2


This is regular post about progress of the Game.

Firstly, I want to say that I switched to Ren’Py engine. The reason for this is that Ren’Py plays videos on all devices. The platform on which my previous engine was created had problems with it, especially on Mac’s.

Nevertheless, Ren’py does not have so many possibilities out of the box. So I still took time writing the gameplay engine based on it.

I tried to implement all the advanced features used in another top games.

1. There are many locations in the Game, between which the player can move freely. Also there will be the Map of the city.

2. Time of day may change (day or evening) with corresponding renders.

3. This game is not from the first person. This game is about beautiful girl Monica. So you’ll see her on the screen in almost all the locations. She will be in her current clothes. She will look somewhere, or maybe at You 🙂

4. The Game world is not just a picture, it’s alive! Almost everything that you will see on the screen is interactively. For example, there is a click on the bed in the screenshot. You can choose between actions to use on it. Of course, you can take or move only some of the items. But you can click on almost all the items on the screen to see the comments from Monica about them. This will help you to know Monica better. Her character and her past. You can even click on Monica herself 😉

5. Choices. There will be many choices in the Game. All of them will affect the story. Some less, some more. You can make Monica act almost like a decent girl. Or as a complete bitch 🙂

6. H-scenes. There will be much more H-scenes in the Episode 1.

In general, this is a completely new very awesome game!!

The overall progress of the first version is about 60%.

I can say with certainty that the main job is in the first version. After the first version is released, the development of the next versions will go much faster.

Stay up to date!

Work in progress

I want to inform that the work is progressing well.

Overall progress is about 20%.

Stay up to date!!

Decision to rework the game.

Dear visitors!

I decide to rework the gameplay of the Episode 1!

You can read details on the link

Fashion Business: Monica’s Adventures – Episode 1 v1.004 Released!

  • Reduced grinding at the beginning of the game
  • Removed walking near the car
  • Added Autorun. Options -> Aurorun (default: ON)
  • Bug fixes

Download the Game