Translator needed!

Dear friends of Fashion Business,

I urgently need a good translator from Russian to English! It’s necessary that he can translate from Russian to English very well.

My native language is Russian. The game itself and communication here helps me to learn English better, but I am still very far from perfect.
Some guys help me in proof reading of the English translation. They do an excellent job, but often they don’t know the meaning of the phrases due to incorrect translation into English itself.

So, please, if your native language is English or you are very good in English and you also are on a high level in Russian, and you want to help the game, then please respond.
Of course, this job will be paid!

This game is already supported by many people and I can’t be everywhere at the same time. I just need professional help to improve the quality of the game even more.

P.S. Work on version 0.8 is almost complete. The release is scheduled for seven days.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.8 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.8 (Public)

Bardie has serious college problems… 

So, in the new update, you will find a great long quest with him! 😉

Android installation guide


Any application that allows you to work with files and move them (File Manager) should be installed on your phone.
1. You need to download the apk file from the link and install it, the application icon will appear on the phone screen. Do not open it after installation.


2. Download the link file obb.

3. Go to the File Manager application, find the Android folder in it, go into it.

4. If in this folder there is no folder obb, then you need to create its and go into it

5. In the obb folder, create a folder named

6. After that, in File Manager, find the downloaded obb file (it will be in the “Downloads” folder) and copy it.
7. Then return to the folder and paste the copied obb file into it

8. Close File Manager and start the application from the desktop.

* If after you have completed all the steps, you still have an error when you start the game, then you need to remove from downloads all previously downloaded apk files and obb with the game and leave only the actual files.

Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP2 v0.7 – has been released!

The release contains more than 2000 new images and several hot animations!

It’s the biggest update of the game ever!

What’s new:

  • Slums: new pole actions. 3 variants for each citizen.
  • New office quest: reports collecting.
  • Relationship with Julia: 5 mini-events.
  • A new way to earn 50$: go to the slums with your secretary (extra version).
  • New HOTphotoshoot.
  • Main story: continuation of Melanie’s storyline.
  • Beginning of the relationship between Melanie and Victoria.
  • Beginning of the Marcus storyline.
  • Shiny Hole: Monica starts a waitresscareer.
  • Shiny Hole: punishment scenes. 4 scenes with Joeand 3 with Ashley. To start these scenes, Monica needs to leave the pub without giving tips to the owners.
  • Change: added a way to sell the dress without losing dignity.
  • New achievements system: You can see all the events available in the game. In one of the next updates, it will become a Gallery.
  • New game updating system. You can do it online. Works for PC and Mac (Experimental).


  • Serious bug during the work as a seller in the clothing shop: in some cases, the final customer didn’t appear.
  • Other minor fixes.

Pre-release news!

The release of “Fashion Business EP2.07”will be soon!

Also, I wish to say about the decision to make some changes in the released versions.

From now, 20+, 30+ and 50+ tiers will receive “FullHD Extra”version, which will include more content and more animations (more scenes and more angles). The difference will be not too big, but hot.

For example, this Extraupdate will include the scene with Monica’s secretary in the slumsand Melanie’s actionwhich you see in the post image, but without a bra😉

5+ and 10+ will receive the same version as before, but I plan to make FullHD versionavailable for them tooin the future. So everyone will be happy.

The upcoming update will consist of about 2030 new images. And this is a record (mine at least).

I also want to thank everyone who supports me. Without your support, not a single new day of Monica would be impossible.

And now I continue working hard and prepare a new release.

Respectfully yours, DecentMonkey.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.7 (Public)

Release is ​planned for 8th Sept.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.7 (1+ Patrons)

I decided to make an exception and post this spoiler on the website.

New events in the Shiny Hole 😉

Vote for Monica’s pub outfit!

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So, please vote on the Patreon post