Spoiler EP3 v10 – Victoria (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v10 – Fred (Public)

Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v9) has been released!

I’m happy to present you the long-awaited update of your favorite game, “Fashion Business”!

This update was delayed a little bit, but I hope I can make up for that with its quality.

This update is packed full of interesting scenes and hot animations!

New stuff:

  • Office: A new hot photoshoot, and a meeting with the head of a rival magazine (big animated scene).
  • Home: Monica can get her former home back, but what will she need to do to achieve that? (a number of animated scenes, an additional scene in the Extra version)
  • Falling Path: Monica can begin working as Mommy’s street girl. Getting her first client (animated scene).
  • Shiny Hole: Claire’s hot private dance with an extra ending (animated scene in the Extra version).


  • Added the Turkish language support.
  • You can now choose dialog options using your keyboard.
  • Multiple bugfixes.

Once again, massive thanks to everyone for your support!

Monica’s adventures will continue thanks to all of you!

Expect a lot more to come in the new cool updates for Fashion Business!

Enjoy the GAME!

Spoiler EP3 v9 – House return (Public)

Release scheduled for Monday.

Spoiler EP3 v9 – Claire (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v9 – New H-photoshoot (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v9 – Working for Mommy (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v9 – Monica vs Betty (Public)

Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v8) has been released!


I’m here to present you a new regular update of your beloved “Fashion Business”!

I’m still recovering after COVID, but our working pace is almost back to full throttle.

This game is a big part of my life. I want to see what happens next with every new update as much as all of you 🙂

This update consists of 1137 new pictures and a ton of cool animations!

New stuff:

Office: Continuation of the department team storyline. Who’s the leader there, after all? (animated scenes + extra animated scene)

Victoria: A meeting of Victoria’s girlfriends. What kind of game does she have in store this time? (+extra content)

VIP Escort: Monica is forced to send a client to Mailey. What consequences will it have for Monica? (big animated scene + extra animated scene)

Slums: Continuation of the “friendship” storyline between Monica and Misty. Will Monica be able to exchange Jack’s amazing apartment for a room at Misty’s place? (animated scenes)


  • Bug fixes.

As always, I’m very grateful to all the players that keep supporting me and my team!

Thanks to you, this project is able to stay alive and make people around the world happy! 🙂

Enjoy the Game!


Spoiler EP3 v8 – VIP Escort (Public)