Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v5) has been released!

I’m happy to announce the next regular update for the beloved by many “Fashion Business”!

This update is the result of a huge amount of work and I hope you’ll appreciate my efforts!

The new version of the game includes 1522 pictures and 105 hot animations!

I’ve also added eyes blinking effect to characters in certain scenes.

This update features extremely hot scenes and a lot of story progression.

What’s new:

  • VIP Escort Service: A group scene featuring Candice, Abby and Monica. Big animated mass scene (plus extra content in the Extra version)
  • VIP Escort Service: Audition for the position of the VIP escort’s administrator. Animated audition sequences where only you can decide whether Monica wins or not!
  • Victoria and Melanie: the friendship continues. Melanie’s unexpected discovery. Hot date with a twist at the end (Big animated scene)
  • Private photo shoot: what will Monica have to do to stop her private photos from getting published?
  • Shiny Hole: Claire’s first private dance and a pleasant surprise for Monica
  • Revenge Quest: the long-awaited continuation of the story with a major plot-twist (to start the quest, load previous save or start a new game and select the menu option)


  • Added eyes blinking effect in certain scenes (more than 180 places).
  • Bug fixes.

As always, I’m extremely grateful to the players who keep supporting me and my team!

Thanks to you this project is still alive, letting me make all of you happier!

Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP3 v5 – Claire’s first private dance (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v5 – New private photoshoot (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v5 – Dating with Melanie… (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v5 and an important announcement from DecentMonkey!


I work hard on every update to make It better than the previous one and release it on time. My dev cycle is normally around 4-6 weeks, during which I work on the game full time without stopping.

In that timeframe I usually manage to produce around 1000-1500 pictures and loads of animations, a number you normally wouldn’t see from other developers. Looking back, I realized that I’ve been working non-stop for the last three years! 🙂

That’s why right now I’m here to warn you that after the next release I’m going to take a 3-4 week break that I’ll spend with my family outside the town. I need to fully recuperate after COVID-19 and search for new plot ideas.

I love this job. After the break, I promise to return better than ever and continue making you happy with a bunch of new cool updates!

While I’ll be gone, my team will keep on working, making new assets, locations for future updates, and finishing small extra work that’s been piling on this whole time.

Right now I’m working on the new update EP3 v5 that’s planned to release on the 7th of June. My little break will come after that.

I’m always waiting for your feedback on what you would like to see in future updates of Fashion Business!

I’m very grateful for your support!

Spoiler EP3 v5 – Continuation of the Revenge Quest (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v5 – Casting of new VIP Escort administrator (Public)

Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v4) has been released!

I’m excited to present you another regular update for the beloved game, “Fashion Business”!

As always, we did a lot of work so the update could be released on time. Your support is very important for me and our team so I’m doing my best to make you happy.

This update consists of 1130 new pictures and 64 animated clips!

Please pay attention that Episode 2 part 2 renamed to Episode 3: Crossroads! And Episode 2.1 renamed to Episode 2: New Life.

What’s new:

Office and Investors: date with the investor, unexpected encounters. (Big animated scene + extended animated scene in the Extra version)

Julia: who will deal with a new stain on the floor? (animated scenes)

Betty: mistress of a wealthy house in a new role.

Fitness: the most beautiful girls go to the gym.

VIP Escort: while Monica doesn’t have any wealthy clients, she might as well do a side job with someone of lower class (big animated scene + extended scene in the extra version)


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash during loading
  • EP2 part 1 renamed to EP2.1: New Life, Spanish language support added. Bardie’s storyline removed (I had to do it because of the abuse).
  • Other small fixes

As always, big thanks to all my Patrons and the game’s fans!

You can find the guide to the game here:

Game download links:[tag]=downloads

Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP2.2 v4 – Faithful wife and the iron… (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v4 – Dating with investor (Public)