Spoiler EP2.2 v3 – New experience (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v3 – Biff’s casting (Public)

The only decent picture 😉

Spoiler EP2.2 v3 – Slums events (Public)

After the player’s feedback about version numeration, it was decided to switch version numeration of EP2.2 to 1,2,3, etc.

Fashion Business: EP2.2 v18 has been released!

A new regular update for your beloved game, “Fashion Business”!

This update was a tough one. I caught COVID-19 at the beginning of December and I’d been working on the previous version of the game while feeling sick. Most of December I’d spent in bed, with my PC placed beside it so I could continue working 🙂

Besides that, the main render rig’s leaked and spilled the coolant all over the hardware 🙂

Still, I’m happy to present this update right on time! It has 1847(!) new images and 99 cool animations!

What’s new:

  • Betty: the faithful wife goes to buy fruit for her husband and gains new experience (long animated scene).
  • Victoria: a meeting with Monica’s friends, Stephanie and Rebecca. Melanie also invited to the party (long scene, additional extreme content in the extra version)
  • Julia: a passionate romantic date outside. New experience.
  • VIP Escort Service: Monica continues to bond with her colleagues (animated scene)
  • Shiny Hole: Clair’s hot dance (animations)
  • Shiny Hole: New duties for the Queen of Shiny Hole. Ashley’s business management troubles (varying animated scenes, additional animated content in the extra version)


  • Ren’Py engine updated to version 7.4.0 64bit. Various performance improvements. ‘Out of memory’ errors fixed, etc.
  • More bug fixes.

As always, big thanks to all my Patrons and the game’s fans!

Thanks to your support, the game continues to exist and becomes better and better with every version!

You can find the guide to the game here: https://decent-monkey.com/the-guide-for-episode-2/

Actual save files download: http://wiki.decent-monkey.com/wiki/Save_Files

Game download links: https://www.patreon.com/decentmonkey?filters[tag]=downloads

Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Claire’s dance (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Girl’s party (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – New pub events (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – What are you doing here??? (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Dating with Julia (Public)

In public place 😉

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Help for friends (Public)

Approx. release date is Jan 20th.

Happy New Year to everyone!! 😉