Spoiler EP3 v7 – Office (Public)


Spoiler EP3 v7 – Victoria (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v7 – Biff’s castings (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v7 – Slums event (Public)

Spoiler EP3 v7 – Shiny Hole (Public)

The release is planned for Oct 20th.

Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v6) has been released!

I’m happy to present you the new update for “Fashion Business”!

This is my first update since I took a break and then got suddenly ill (COVID). I still haven’t fully recovered from it, but I did my best to release the update as soon as possible. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to my normal release schedule very soon.

I’ll start working on a new update as soon as this one is released.

This update includes 1772 new images and a lot of animations. I’ve also experimented how animations are presented in this update. I hope to hear your feedback on that!

What’s new:

  • VIP-Escort: Monica becomes the hotel’s administrator. She can now distribute clients to the girls, fine the girls and hold staff meetings. (An extra scene during the meeting)
  • Julia: Monica doesn’t help Julia around the house and doesn’t chip in their shared budget. How will Julia react to that? (an extra scene)
  • Marcus: Monica continues to visit Marcus. To initiate this quest, load the appropriate save game or start a new game and choose the “Marcus’ Training” plot line. (animated scene)
  • Falling path: Monica meets Misty and gets an interesting offer from her. Will Monica be able to get what she wants? (animated scene)
  • Falling path: Monica takes a walk around the park and meets the friends of Tim and Tom. What can this lead to? (big animated scene) (one more scene in the extra version)


  • A number of bugfixes.

Thank you so much for your continuous support! This game could’ve never existed without you all! You guys really help the game grow and improve!

Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP3 v6 – Slums event (Public)

The release is planned on September 6th.

Spoiler EP3 v6 – New VIP Escort administrator (Public)

I’m glad to announce that I have returned home from the hospital.

I still have 32% lung damage, so it will take time to fully recover.

However, I feel good enough to continue working.

Work on the update is almost complete. I plan to release it near September 6th.

I want to thank you for your support and warm wishes during my illness. This was important for me because I was very worried about the delay in the update. But, after reading your comments, I felt your support and realized that I would not be left alone, and this gave me the strength to survive the disease.


Important announcement from DecentMonkey!

Hello, everybody.

This was supposed to be a little teaser for a new release, but sadly I have to make an announcement, instead.

Most of the work for the update is completed. The art is fully rendered and most of the animations are finished. The only things that are left to do are the quest scripting and some animations work, but then a positive COVID test foiled all my plans.

I’m writing this post out of the hospital.

If the doctors would have allowed me to take my work PC with me, the update might’ve been released in time.  But they didn’t agree.

I’m already past the hardest point of the infection and I’m gradually feeling better. I’ll get back to work and finish working on the update as soon as I get released.  This will most likely happen at the beginning of September. The doctors didn’t give me a more concrete date.

Be sure I keep you guys updated.

Thank you for your continuous support and patience.

Spoiler EP3 v6 – Julia storyline (Public)