Work in progress #27

First news in 2019 🙂

I can only say one thing. Fashion Business EP2 v0.2 already has about 1100 NEW renders and a lot of NEW animations, and that’s about 80 percent of the content planned for the update. I hope to finish the animations and renderings in a week. It’ll take some time for the content to be rendered, at this time I will be engaged in scripting quests.

Unlike visual novels, the sandbox system is significantly more difficult to produce. These tons of content must be alive 🙂 So, I don’t know how much time it’ll take. My schedule is to release v0.2 in the middle of the current month.

But there is maybe some delay. Not so big. The main thing that I wanted to inform is that the work goes and goes successfully. V0.2 will be more significant than v0.1. I hope that I will gain more experience and will be able to go out with the planned amount of content on a regular basis day to day 🙂

Now, I have a problem with inspiration. It’s too much 😉

Too many ideas which I wish to release in the every upcoming game update 🙂

I don’t know if this is bad or good. But I know that a lot of content is better than a little :)))

I hope you stay with me and support me. Only your support gives me the opportunity to do this hobby!!!

Work in progress #26


Hello friends!

Work on the continuation of the game is going very well.

As always, during trying to uncover as much plot as possible, the amount of content is growing very much 🙂

So, the next version 0.2 will be not smaller than 0.1 😉

The next part will be focused on events inside the house. You’ll meet Fred, Betty, Ralph, and Bardie 😉

You’ll find out what weakness Betty has, what Bardi was able to overhear from Fred’s conversation with Ralph and to which events this led.

Also, you’ll meet Monica’s friends Stephanie and Rebecca.

Of course, there will be a continuation of events with Dick and Victoria.

Biff and new photoshoots will also be presented in the new version.

The falling path will also continue, and many previously closed dialogues will be available!

And all this diversity will be in version 0.2!!

Tons of awesome renders, top-tier H-scenes, and exciting story awaits you!

Stay up to date!

Work in progress #25

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the second episode. I get feedback, and something can be improved in what is, especially with the gameplay.

I’m stated to develop the next version of the game. It will turn out also quite big, so I think the release will take place closer to mid-January.

I hope you stay with me!

Your DecentMonkey.

Android version.

Some players had difficulty launching the game on Android. Apparently, it been able to find the reason for this.

So, please download fixed version from the updated download posts.

I’m always getting in touch with the players and trying to solve all the problems with the game very quickly.

Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP2 v0.1 has been released!

This is a continuation of the story about Monica!

If you wanted to know what will happen next, then this is a good chance to do it 🙂

You can start a new game and answer several questions about Episode 1 or just load the saved game from the final location in the basement.

The new episode brings big changes in the plot and gameplay mechanics.

The game is more sandboxed now. It has a time limit now due to a v0.1 plot. But there will be no time limit in future versions (except some quests lines).

The game contains about 1200 arts and several videos with Monica.

A lot of work has been done and I hope for positive feedback from you.

Enjoy the Game!


Guide about the game (warning it has spoilers!):


Monica can take a nap in the afternoon or sleep in the evening by clicking the bed in the basement


Monica must eat. If Monica didn’t eat for a long time, then she can’t go to sleep.

Monica can work for the kebab guy and earn kebab for it 🙂

Also, Monica can buy kebab for $1 if she has money.

Monica can steal food at the gas station or borrow money from a secretary in Monica’s office.


Monica can use a shower and other things at the basement pool while Betty don’t see it 🙂

Started storylines in the v0.1

Falling path:

There are many citizens on the streets, who have their owns quests, etc…

Something is already done there, but it will develop like the rest of the storylines.

Bardie line:

Interact with Bardie during house cleaning.

Bardie is watching Monica on the ground floor, in the guest bedroom, and his room.

After reaching Level 2, there is a new dialog with Bardie near stairs on the ground floor.

Betty line:

Progress with Betty grows when Monica cleans up regularly in the house (only daytime). If there are missed cleanings for the last 3 days, Betty will be unhappy.

Also, Betty doesn’t like when Monica walks into the city in the governess outfit (clothes belong to the owners of the house).

After reaching Level 2, there is a new dialog with Betty upstairs near the mirrors.

Fashion (Office) line:

It’s the main line in this version with a lot of content. It starts when Monica is trying to get into her office.

There she meets Biff.

Sometime later, Fred will address her and inform that Dick wishes to see Monica.

With the help of Beef Monica, perhaps able to earn money for the tie for Dick.

But how she does it and what she has to go through is up to you.

I will only say that Corruption plays an important role and it should be pumped a bit to see some of the events in this line!

If you get stuck in something, feel free to ask 🙂

Fashion Business v0.4 (720p) free

Fashion Business v0.4 becomes free.

EP2 v0.1 will be released tomorrow!

You can download it from the downloads page.

Release date! Almost here!


The game is almost ready. I ran into unexpectedly heavy testing of new game mechanic.

Also, there are some translation delays. And, maybe, the German version will be released a little bit later.

I wish to have one more day for testing and plan to release the game on 12th.

Did you miss Melanie?

A familiar place, isn’t it?

Work in progress #24

More news about a new release 🙂

Development is going well. I managed to do a considerable amount of work in a short time. The reworking of the engine is almost completed, and it’s time to start making the quest scripting, sound effects, testing, converting animation, etc.

A lot of work, but it’s not too much in comparison with task done already.

Also, rendering is still in progress, and it’ll be finished near 10th as I promised before. Maybe, if the stars converge and everything else is ready, then I add final renders to the game like hotcakes straight from the oven and release the game 🙂

But there may be the delay for 1-2 days. I work with all my force, and I will try to release the game as early as possible.

The v0.1 will count 1200 renders 🙂

Not too bad for the first version, yeah? 😉

To reduce the waiting time, I will post non-critical spoilers every 1-2 days 😉

I don’t want to reveal the story 😉

Stay up to date!