Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Claire’s dance (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Girl’s party (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – New pub events (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – What are you doing here??? (Public)

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Dating with Julia (Public)

In public place 😉

Spoiler EP2.2 v18 – Help for friends (Public)

Approx. release date is Jan 20th.

Happy New Year to everyone!! 😉

Merry Christmas!!!

Monica found the only working cafe 😉

Fashion Business: EP2.2 v17 – BIG UPDATE!

A big update for Fashion Business!

I’m doing all I can to make all of our fans happy.

This time, a great amount of work was done to update the whole branch of different versions of Fashion Business!

Fashion Business Episode 2 part 2

The second episode of the game has grown very big and according to the results of the recent poll, I decided to finish it.

Since a lot of the quests are still far from their completion, I started the second part of the episode.

It is a separate package which will be continually updated. Version numbers will stay the same.

The first part of the second episode will contain v1-v16, the second onev17, and forth.Part 2 will include some repeating events from part 1, some of them with new content added.

You can start playing the second part of EP 2 by loading a save or by starting a new game and replying to a short survey about the events of part 1.

If you’re using a save where some quests are unfinished (but not failed), you will have to answer a couple of questions.

The number of questions is limited for convenience reasons, so it’s better to use an old save game to save all of your previous choices.

Online update to EP2 part2 from EP2 part1 v16 is not available. You need to download a separate package!

This update includes 1704 new pictures and 124 cool animations!What’s new:

  • Private presentation for the investors. What else will Monica have to do to convince them to invest in her magazine?
  • VIP Escort Service: meeting your former fan. Will Monica be able to use him to solve her temporary troubles?
  • VIP Escort Service: Start of a “friendship” with escort girls.
  • Philip: Monica receives new experience. (extra scene with extreme content)
  • Betty: continuing to strengthen the relationship between neighbors. A faithful wife. New experience.
  • Falling Path: two new big events in Monica’s apartment (an extra version scene).
  • Shiny Hole: Claire’s problems. Will Monica help her or will she not involve herself? And who will she use to help Claire? New big quest.


  • Events list: a new system of quest description. Read about it below.
  • French language support added (98% translated, in progress)

Events list:

 The game has a vast world and is full of events.

The player could easily lose themselves in it without a clue on what to do next. It caused unwanted grind and confusion.

I decided to make the guide more accessible and put the actions you can take at any moment in the game on the screen.

A lot of effort was put into implementing the Event list into parts 1&2 of EP2.

The game should be much more user-friendly now.

Due to technical limitations, the event list is only available in EP 2 part 1 if you start a new game or load a save from the end of EP 1. No limitations for the event list in EP2 part2.

So, start a new game and check out the new event list! You may be able to unlock some of the events you’ve missed!

Fashion Business Episode 2 part 1 (v16) – completed

The completed part 1 of EP 2 (including v16).What’s new:

  • Event list implementation.
  • The gallery has been updated (all of the scenes are available now)
  • French language support added (100% completed)
  • Bug fixes.

Episode 2 part 1 will still be supported. If any new bugs will be found, an update will come out.

Players on WIN can update using an online code.

Fashion Business: Episode 1.1

What’s new:

  • Some of the CGs improved
  • Gallery added
  • Italian language support added
  • Turkish language support added

You can find the guide to the game here: link 

Actual v16 save files download: link 

Game download links: https://www.patreon.com/decentmonkey?filters[tag]=downloads

Enjoy the Game!

Spoiler EP2.2 v17 – Slums events (Public)

The release is planned for Monday.

Spoiler EP2.2 v17 – Romantic meeting… or not :) (Public)