We reached the next GOAL!!!


The game lives and develops thanks to you!

Because you like and support it!

And you are involved in the creation of the game!

With your help, this game will live long and become one of the best!

P.S. This is Monica πŸ˜‰

And if you like this view, you can download it as wallpaper.



P.P.S. As promised, I start searching for people to expand the team.

Fashion Business Episode 2 v0.31 Patch!

As usual, I’m trying to respond to bug reports quickly and release a patch.

Some bugs are fixed.

To install the patch just copy the files into the game directory.

This patch can be applied only on WIN (it also can be applied on MAC by copying files inside of the application container).

So, if you are playing the game on MAC or Android, it’s better to redownload the game (download posts are updated).

Download links:

Fashion Business Episode 1 v0.31 Patch (1080p version) download 

Fashion Business Episode 1 v0.31 Patch (720p version) download 

Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP2 v0.3 has been released!

Dear Friends!

I’m proud to announce the release of Fashion Business Episode2 v0.3!

The new version contains 1130 new artsand 43 animated video clips.

As always, much attention is paid to the emotions of the characters.

Each H-scene is animated. Animations are of high quality and smooth (30 fps).

In this version, as in previous ones, a lot of efforts, inspiration, and soul.

I hope that you appreciate the game and leave your feedback!


The short changelog:

  • Big “office storyline” update. Different outfits. Hot scenes, etc.
  • The advance of relationships of Betty, Fred, and Monica. Hot scenes too.
  • New location. The pub “Shiny Hole”. Some story and start working.
  • Added dancing at the pole in the blind alley.
  • Ability to buy food at the gas station.
  • Skipping day until evening by pressing the button on the top of the screen (working only in the street locations)
  • Change clothing before leaving the house by the map.

The full guide can be found here:

Pre-release news!

The release will be tomorrow (wednesday) !

Work in progress #30

Hello friends!

Development of the update is almost completed. I would like to release the game tomorrow, but, unexpectedly for me, rendering of animations takes a lot of time. Animations occur inside complex locations that are hard to render.

At the moment all the available computing power is used. My workstation also works 24/7. So the rendering is going on everything that is, even on the iron and the fridge πŸ˜‰

According to my calculations, it’ll take about another 50-60 hours to complete.

As soon as it is done, I immediately build the game and start the upload to the network.

The new version will contain 1130 new arts, 43 animated video clips and will be focused on the plot and promises to be very exciting!

Also, it’ll be very hot (you can see a lesbian threesome with Monica πŸ˜‰ )

Personally, I like this version more than any previous. Β 

The existing guide will also be updated so that you don’t miss anything in the game.

Stay up to date!

Your DecentMonkey.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

The game will be released early next week.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

Translator needed! (urgent)

Guys, I need a good translator from Russian to English!

It’s necessary that he speaks English very well and knows how to write phrases on a native speaking level.

My native language is Russian. The game itself and communication here helps me to learn English better, but I am still very far from perfect.

I spend a lot of energy on the game and do very high quality work.

I know that poorly written phrases can discourage playing experience a lot.

When I write dialogues in my own language, I make typos, but in general, the language is very good and there are no complaints about it.

Some guys help me to make proof reading of English translation. And they do an excellent job, but often they don’t know the meaning of the phrases due to incorrect translation into English itself.

So, please, if your native language is English and you also know Russian, and you want to help the game, then respond.

Of course, this job will be paid!

This game is already supported by many people and I can’t be everywhere at the same time. I just need professional help.

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)