Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

Guess Melanie came to whom πŸ˜‰

Spoiler from EP2 v0.3 (Public)

Work in progress #29

Hello friends!

I’m finished planning the future version, locations design, preparing gfx assets and writing dialogues. Now I’m started to make the arts directly. And soon I will regularly post spoilers from the game.

As I said before, the next update will be focused on the main story.

So, you’ll see Dick, Melanie, Victoria, and others.

Also, you’ll see more Betty in the update and hot actions with Monica and Melanie πŸ˜‰

Stay up to date!

Work in progress #28

Meet the new pub in the slums: “The Shiny Hole”! πŸ˜‰

There will be a lot of exciting things in the future πŸ™‚

I’m currently working on the next update of the game.

It will be focused on the storyline. You’ll see Monica (of course), Melanie, Dick, Victoria, someone else from EP1 πŸ˜‰

Also, there will be a continuation of the falling path.

And other hot actions with Monica!

Stay up to date!

Fashion Business: Episode 2 v0.21 patch!

When you install Fashion Business EP2 v0.2 (0.21), please do not unpack the game in the directory with the old version. It only concerns the WIN platform.

I stay in touch with Patrons and try to fix founded bugs immediately.

So, there is a v0.21 Patch.

Bugs fixed:

– Victoria progress.

– Police Station after Monica’s dream.

– Biff casting button after the photo session.

Download links:

Patch v0.21 (1080p)

Patch v0.21 (720p)

Also, links in download post are updated to v0.21.


Fashion Business: Episodes (Renpy Edition) EP2 v0.2 has been released!

I’m glad to announce that Fashion Business Episode 2 v0.2 has been successfully released!
This is one of the most significant updates ever. It consists of about 1400 new renders and several animation clips!
The new version contains great progress in several lines of the plot.
Bardie storyline
Bardie wanted to find an approach to Monica to see her panties, and he could succeed, even more than πŸ˜‰
Betty storyline
Betty, perhaps, will trust Monica more and offer to visit the fitness.
Monica can’t do training yet, but she can watch on girls how they do it.
Several replayable scenes with several variations are awaiting you there.
Besides, you may discover about the weaknesses of strict Betty. But it depends on your choice.
Dick and Victoria storyline
Monica will advance in the relationship with Victoria. They will become ‘friends’ πŸ˜‰
Office storyline
If Monica suddenly needs money, she can continue to earn it from Biff
She understands what these photo shoots can lead to in the end, so is she ready for this?
Falling path
Delivering flyers is not the easiest way to make money. Maybe Monica will find a way easier? But is she ready for this? Perhaps it’s okay to make a small exception, it’s not for long, right?
Also, you can learn some news about the secretary of Monica πŸ˜‰
And many other exciting moments!
A lot of work has been done, and I hope you appreciate it.
The full guide about EP2 v0.2 can be found here: linkΒ 
Enjoy the game!

Spoiler from EP2 v0.2 (Public)

The Pipe Girl from the calendar πŸ˜‰

Betty is not so skilled in fitness…

Spoiler from EP2 v0.2 (Public)

Spoiler from EP2 v0.2 (public)