Work in progress #10


I hope you liked the current version and how the game develops.

Also, I hope that you are waiting for the continuation.

I started developing the next version of the game. There will be the further life of Monica and several scenes with new actors.

I’ll keep you up to date!

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    • Jon on July 20, 2018 at 1:48 pm
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    Hi Mr. Decent Monkey!

    Hope your doing well with everything and your work. Here I am again to give my thoughts and a little review of this new version of the game.

    I was all excited to the new release of the game not gonna lie, like I said previously this game for me has alot of potential if the right choices are made for that to happen. Im gonna be sincere and complete honest and its only my opinion, but I was expecting this version to add just a bit more story than the previous one, since it finished so soon it just added a few more minutes of gameplay and yes I got a bit disappointed by that since I was waiting eagerly for more story and events. I hope next time you give us more story with a bit more time so the game can be enjoyed and to add at least a bit of more replayability value, since this version didnt add much.

    But lets talk about what I notice different and things I liked, first thing I noticed and I guess you took our comments to heart, since we said we’d like to see more angles and more Monica and in this version I saw more of that which is really nice because for what I played they are extremely well done and love the detailed angles when shes trying clothes and then our kind lawyer looking at her since he will never have her lol It looked nice it was nice touch to had to the sexy factor that the game has.

    Then the most important thing about this version 0.2 was the implementation of choices which I replayed the game sometimes to check this feature. I liked it I dont find anything wrong about it I always play the game in terms of Monica to have a bit of equilibrium between beign nice and a bitch so Im always in the Hot Tempered zone. But I liked that if you are nice that affects other characters to have a decent event and if you are bitchy they get through a rough time though I guess Fred enjoyed it far better lol

    Another thing I noticed is that in the dinner with Dick, and this happened in my playthrough, he was saying that he couldnt recognise Monica since she was always such a bitch and now shes beign kind all of the sudden. Dick saying that Monica was kind got me thinking if the choices that I made previously will have other affects later on in the story and dialogue between characters. Since I told my neighbor that I would sue im for 500$ only and basically i was a bitch to him, but during this part I played the game again to be nice to my neighbor instead, and when the dinner with Dick happens if I choosed to be nicr or bad to the neighbor Dick says that he’s gonna take action either way no matter what and think the neighbor gets sued no matter the choices I made in the beggining.

    Though I liked that we had different options to chat to Dick about Monicas day events, but here’s my question will this small choices (taking has example the neighbor choice) will affect the story of the game later on or not? Will some of our choices be remembered by some of this characters? Since even in the dialogue between Dick and Monica we talked about the farm and all that, so im curious about what happens if beign good or bad in the long run will even affect more of the story and even the dialogues between characters. And I notice if you are too nice you get the option to unlock the nice dialogue option and the bad option is locked since I guess you need to be a bitchy to get it unlocked.

    I saw a small thing too that got my eye and I dont know if its new or not but when you are trying the clothes in the clothes shop i saw the option to “Dress for the fitting” I dont know if this is just to dress normally or it will an action to be developed later on. I thought if I clicked in that action I would get Dick or someone to help me trying the dresses lol But i guess it just there for that event.

    Like I said im always in the middle in terms of the bitch meter so im gonna do another playthorugh just to check some other options but for now this was all it got my eye and I couldnt be happier to see that you are taking some of our words to mind and you are taking the right decisions to make the game more awesome and not something the audience is tired of playing.

    I see the gym in this Work in Progress 10 and I hope you have some story and options there for us I cant wait what you have stored I just hope we dont get to wait that long for it and I hope in the next version we get more playtime and more story to keep us more entertained and so we can have more replay value otherwise I guess people get frustrated when they play the new version of a game and in end it was just a few more minutes longer than the previous I kinda feel disappointed when that happens too guess everyone does.

    Nonetheless hope the new version is coming soon and has always keep up the good work that you are doing I trust every decision you are making on this game because for what I see its gonna be even better. I will always come here from time to time to give only my honest and sincere opinion or thought on the game and of course my support since I love this game I have no words for it and I cant criticize about anything so keep the good work coming as always.


    1. Thanks for your opinion!
      Several bugs were fixed in the version 0.21 or by the Patch.
      Absolutely all the choices in character dialogs are remembered.

      Also, I understand that a good game is going through very quickly 🙂
      “Choices” lead to the fact that the amount of work is doubled, and sometimes triples. I get a lot of complaints about the fact that players would like to see more content in new versions.
      What you see in the new version is the result of monthly work almost full time.
      There are about 500 new high-quality renderers in it. About 70 high-quality animation clips and 1080(!) new lines of dialogues.
      I’m trying to work hard, but I can’t compare my speed with AAA studios with dozens or hundreds of people working there 🙂
      Don’t forget I’m working alone. Now there are good people who help me with the translation of the game and support me morally. But the plot, dialogues, level design and characters, renderers, sounds, music, etc. – all I do it by myself.
      The main problem is that many played in the old version and know the plot of the first episode in advance.
      The first episode I did about half a year. It has 2500 renderers and several hours of gameplay.
      In the newly reworked version, all work has to be done from scratch. I’m using some dialogs and renderers from the old version, but still, It’s almost the same job.
      One of my goals is to get additional support and expand the team. So the speed will be increased.

      At the moment the game though has problems but still is one of the best in the field of graphics, animations, and plot.
      if I was doing a game with bad animation, poor-quality renderers, etc., then each version would have been longer. But I do not want to do it and I do not know how.
      I love the details and I want to release the only awesome game!

    • Jon on July 21, 2018 at 3:57 pm
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    Thank you for the reply!

    Yes I couldn’t agree more now with the all the improvements and the choices feature I understand that the game will take even more time to develop since its a feature that changes how the game is played for everyone.

    Even working alone you are doing a hell of a job so I kinda understand everything you said and when people play the legacy they forget completely that the rework of the game even exists and of course because of beign in develepment its of course short even with every update coming and I dont mind much im a patient man either way lol.

    It is one of best games I’ve seen in terms of everything plot, characters, animations and the close attention to detail that you do is insane it has no comparision to other games. And im glad to know that you want your work to have some excellency and quality I would do the same for sure no doubt about it.

    Well im glad I found this game and found you since its nice to see that you want people to play something different and in giving all you got for the game to be in excellent quality. You are a nice person so im glad to give my support even by coming here one time or another to give my opinion and incentive for you to keep always the good work coming.

    Thank you very much for the reply and good luck with everyting out there!

    1. Thanks for kind words and for your support! It’s very important to me!

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